My brother has a loan with gold pledge in Fast Credit that has been repaid. He is currently abroad, can I get back the collateral?

The collateral pledged in the organization is returned only to the pledgor, the collateral is provided to other entity than the borrower who is granted a power of attorney by the RA law(i.e. notarized power of attorney) has a copy of the pledgor's identification document and the identification document of the person(authorized) receiving the pledge.

Is it obligatory to present the contract of pledge or loan to withdraw (termination of pledge right) the pledge(gold, vehicle) in Fast Credit?

To withdraw (terminate the pledge right)  the pledged property(gold, vehicle) only presenting the identification document of the pledgor is obligatory , the contract of pledge is not obligatory but desirable.

Can I have currency exchange in branches of your organization in the evening(at 23:00)?

You can have currency exchange in any of the 24/7 branches of our organization and on working hours of other branches and service center of head office.

The 24/7 branches of our organization are:

  • in Yerevan-Alek Manukyan, Baghramyan, Davtashen, Erebuni, Komitas, Sebastia, Shengavit, Shrjanain, Tigran Mets,
  • in regions- Abovyan, Armavir, Artashat, Gyumri, Masis, Vanadzor.

Non all day working branches are:

  • Service center of head office (Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 18:00)
  • Center (Monday to Saturday, from 9:00 to 18:00)
  • Movses Khorenatsi (every day except for the 2nd Sunday, from 9:30 to 18:30)
  • Goris (every day from 9:00 to 22:00) 


I've got my credit in

As there is a joint payment system in Fast Credit you can make your payments on your obligations in any of our branches no matter in which branch you got your loan. 

It's my loan payment day and if I pay it by 22.30 today in your branch will it be considered as a delay

Fast Credit gives a unique opportunity to its customers by its 24/7 branches to take loans with gold pledge and make payments on their obligations.  in case of making a payment on the date of pointed in the loan obligations' schedule in our 24/7 branch by 23:50 your payments obligations will not be classified as overdue(belated).

I repaid my gold-pledged loan, how can I get back the pledged gold?

In order to get back the pledged jewelry(gold) in Fast Credit, you need:

1. to give the assignment of preparing the return of the pledge in advance in the branch, where you got and where your jewelry is

  • By calling to the branch or by 510 510 phone number 
  • By visiting any branch  


2. to show up in the branch with identification document in the indicated period of time to get your jewelry.


The pledge is returned only to the pledgor or to the entity authorized by power of attorney, with identification document and the copy of the identification document of the authorized person.

What is the minimum weight of pledged gold? Will you accept 1g of gold?

There is no specified minimum weight of pledged gold by the organization, but the minimum amount of jewelry pledged loan must be 5,000 AMD. As the organization provides 100% estimated value of the pledged jewelry, so if 1g of the is estimated 5,000 AMD or more it can be pledged.

Should the pledged vehicles be insured or not?

If the pledged vehicle remains under the ownership of the organization the insurance of the vehicle is not required.

Is the land accepted as collateral?

Land is not admissible for the organization except for the land in Yerevan of social importance, that are in a beneficial location for doing business

How much delay is registered in credit history?

Even 1(one) day delay is registered in credit history.

My gold was estimated more than the loan received: can I now get a new loan with the remaining(the difference between the estimated amount and loan) amount?

There is no any operation on providing loan on difference between the estimated value and the loan, instead, you can repay your loan and get a new loan of 100% value of the appraised value.   

Can I take out the pledged gold in parts?

The pledged items are returned to the pledgor only in full package.  

Where the vehicle is remained after pledging it?

The cars of loans with vehicle pledge under the ownership of the organization are parked in specially protected parking space.