Jewelry (gold) pledge agricultural loans

Loan purpose  Agricultural
Loan currency USD
Loan term        24 months                                                              12-24 months
Payments Free repayment schedule                                            Annuity
Annual nominal interest rate 12%
Loan amount From 80 USD
Loan interests and service fees calculation method Applied on the actual (non-overdue) balance of loan
Loan providing method In cash, lump sum
Collateral Jewelry including standarded golden bars, coins and commemorative coins, jewelry (also with precious stones) or metals.  


The jewelry’s decoration value, precious stones value (except dionds), semiprecious stones value, mechanisms and non-gold pieces aren’t taken into the pledge value during the jewelry appraisal.
Loan to value maximum ratio 

up to 100% of the collateral appraised value*

*Up to 110% for “A” class customers: moreover, with total loan balance for the up to 110% loans (including loans with foreign currency and the new one) at the time of lending should not exceed 5,500,000 AMD or the equivalent foreign currency one.

Collateral assessment   According to the Gold Assessment Scale
Loan early maturity penalty

Not charged*

*Loans up to 200 USD: the penalty is charged, if the loan is repaid within 10 (ten) days, and is equal to the sum of the interest and service fee accounted for 10 days.


Overdue principal amount penalty/yearly/ 12%
Confiscation penalty  The penalty is calculated 15 % of the loan principal amount (not more than the difference between the collateral realization amount and the creditor total debt) and charged sum lump


1.    The loans are provided to at least 18 years old physical entities.

2.  “A” class customers shall meet at least the following conditions at the same time in the Organization:


  • Over the past three years  the gross overdue days for operating and repaid loans at the time of application should be 0,
  • Over the past three years the total days of the operating and repaid loans at the time of application should be > = 360 days,
  • Over the past three years the risk class of operating and repaid loans should be "Standard".


3. Required Documents:

3.1  If registered in a rural area:

·     Personal identification document

3.2  If not registered in a rural area:

·     Certificate of actual residence in the rural area by the relevant body (community);

·     Certificate or other document of property, leasing or gratuitous use of agricultural property (land, building, machinery, transport)

·     Certificate about livestock issued by the relevant body (community)

·     Certificate of agricultural activity issued by the relevant body (community).

4.    The loan is provided in all branches of the Organization, except for “Kentron” branch.

5.    The factors for making positive decision of the loan:

·     Client or Collateral comply with the requirements set out in this document.

6.    The factors for making negative decision of the loan:

·     Client and Collateral does not comply with the requirements set out in this document.

7.    It takes 1-5 minutes for making decision, notification and providing loan to the client. The period may differ depending on the number of precious stones.

8.    Any amount for the repayment of the loan, as a rule, shall be directed to the repayment of the amounts by the order set out in the Loan Agreement, including service fees, penalties, interest, and Loan. The Organization has the right to set another order for the amounts subject to payment in the Loan Agreement signed between Organization and client.

9.    Warning! If you do not make repayments of interests and principal amount on time, the information on you will be registered in credit register. Your property (house, car and other) may be seizure as stipulated by law if you do not make repayments of interests and principal amount on time. In case the creditor fails to accomplish the loan liabilities are covered by the collateral and its values is not sufficient for covering the whole liability, the Organization can cover it by your other property.

10.    Foreign exchange rate changes may have an effect on loan repayments.

11.  Interest rates on foreign currency loans (including service fees, penalties, and fines, if any) are charged in AMD at the exchange rate set by the CBA.

12.   Attention! Credit interests are calculated based on nominal interest rates. Annual percentage rate shows how much the credit will cost for you if interests and other payments are paid in predetermined period and in predetermined size.Procedure on calculation of annual percentage placed on the relevant page of the official website of the organization (

13. The Organization issues the client an Individual sheet according to internal acts before signing the Loan Agreement.

A representative example of calculating the actual loan interest rate:

Loan amount: US $ 1,000

Annual nominal interest rate: 12%

Term: 24 months

Service charge is not defined

Redemption method: annuity

Loan submission date: 17.06.2017

Loan repayment date: 17.06.2019

The amount of monthly repayments is 47.07 USD

The annual actual interest rate is 12.67%.

Annual Indicative Calculation Guideline

Power of Attorney.