Commercial loans

Commercial loans

Loan purpose Entrepreneurial activity or agricultural development, expansion
Loan currency  AMD , USD
Loan term     

Maximum 12months for USD

Maximum 60 months for AMD

  • private entrepreneur,
  • legal entity, 
Loan amount

From 50,000 AMD or 200 USD to the maximum size of single borrower’s exposure set by RA law 

Grace period Up to 6 months
Loan annual interest rate
Loans provided in AMD 18% 
Loans provided in USD 
1st option annual 12 %
2nd option annual 10%
Loan providing fee(lump sum)* 1% of provided credit
Loan service monthly fees* 0,18 % of loan balance
*It’s applied only for 2nd option when the loan is provided with annual 10%   
Loan interests and service fees calculation method Applied on the actual (non-overdue) balance of loan
Loan providing method In cashlump sum or in phases 
  • Acquired real estate,
  • Additional property can be required by company as an additional collateral.
Acceptable areas of the collateral Teritory of RA
Loan to collateral value maximum ratio

Maximum up to 60% of liquid value of the collateral  

Collateral  appraisal  

The collateral should be appraised by the licensed independent appraisal company cooperating with Fast Credit Capital UCO CJSC and/ or by the company employee,

 The appraisal by the employee of the organization is free of charge.

Surety (if needed) A legal or physical entity , who the contract of suretyship is signed with and that is jointly and severally liable with the Creditor to the Organization for preformance of obligations of the Creditor (the Credit, the calculated interest, commissions, penalties, fines etc.)
Payment of principal, interests and service fee    Monthly
  • Principal amount and interest- equally (annuity)
  • Service fee- declining (if any)*
Other additional services provided by third parties* 
  • Joint certificate:10,000-22,000 AMD,
  • Collateral notarization fee:16,000-20,000AMD,
  • Collateral registration state fee:26,000 AMD.
Positive decision and the loan rejection factors Loans are provided to the individuals, who do not have any overdue obligations by the time of applying or the summary overdue obligation days during the previous 12 months before applying doesn’t exceed 60.
Overdue principal amount penalty   0,1% daily
Overdue interest penalty      0,2% daily
Overdue service fee penalty* 0,2 % daily
Penalty of not providing additional pledge within a month in case of impairment of collateral value 5% of credit balance, lump sum 
Loan providing branches  
* It’s applied only for 2nd option when the loan is provided with annual 10%