You can make payments on your obligations towards Fast Credit:

  • in cash
  •  non-cash

In cash payments

You can make payments on your obligations  in our branches 24/7 by making in cash payments at any time of the day.

Where: All branches of Fast Credit 

How:  By paying in cash at cash desk of any branch of Fast Credit 

When:  At any time of the day: our branches work 24 hours/7 days*.


  1. As a joint system is being operated in Fast Credit you can make all your payments at any branch no matter in which branch you received the loan
  2. If you have more than one loan in Fast Credit, mention the contract number of the loan which you are paying. WARNING: In case of not indicating the number of contract or indicating wrong number the organization isn't liable for further risks or losses.
  3. Regardless of the currency of the loan all the payments on loan interests are accepted only in AMD.


Non-cash payments

Making payments or transfer by VTB-Armenia bank CJSC on Fast Credit UCO CJSC bank account ( Bank account number 16044033441700). 

Where:  In any branch of VTB-Armenia bank, 

How:  In cash or by making transfer from your bank account to Fast Credit bank account (bank account number 16044033441700):

When:  In any branch of VTB Armenia bank in customer acceptance and service hours.



  1. Bank account number of Fast Credit Capital UCO CJSC is 16044033441700 in VTB bank Armenia. WARNING: Check the service fee in case of making transfers through other banks operating in territory of RA or abroad beforehand( the fee is charged by the banks and is not included in your loan payment) and transfer duration.
  2. While making transfer on Fast Credit bank account you must specify the name, surname of the borrower and loan contract number in the field of purpose of payment.
  3. The sum of penalties and fines (if any) is paid firstly,
  4. In case you pay more than specified in the repayment schedule,  specify which obligation it is for (partial payment of principal, interest payment for the next period or for service fee (if any)) WARNING: if you don't specify the purpose of additional payment, it will be used for the partial payment of the principal.
  5. Regardless of the currency of the loan all the payments on loan interests are accepted only in AMD.


*All branches of Fast Credit work 24/7 except for Center (from Monday to Saturday 9:00-18:00),  Khorenatsi (everyday except for the 2nd Sunday of the months from 9:30 to 18:00) and Goris branch(everyday from 9:00 to 22:00)